Essay about family

Essay on family

An essay about a family is a job that is assigned to primary school students. According to the story written by the child about his relatives, the teacher can judge both the literacy of the student and the psychological climate that reigns in his family. And this, by the way, is a more important task than simply checking the speech.

So, to start an essay about a family is worth a story about yourself. A few suggestions are enough. After that, you can safely go to the main part. Get help from site.

You can immediately enter the reader into the course of the matter. For example, as follows: “I do not have a very large family. There are only three of us – Mom, Dad and me. But, despite the fact that we have a small family, we all love and respect each other. ” In general, there are a lot of ways to get started. Which one to choose is the student’s business.

Main part

How to write an essay on the family? What should be its main part? So, after the introduction it is necessary to begin the story about the parents. You can list their names, occupation and age. Strictly speaking, this is basic information. In principle, this as a representation of relatives is enough. If there are brothers, sisters, then they should also be written about. The writing about the family should be interesting and give a complete picture of all the pupil’s relatives. This is the main task of this work.

The narrative part

It should be noted that the essay can be written in any style. But the most popular are only two ones. This is either an essay-reasoning about the family, or an essay of a narrative nature. Although, of course, among the children who do not yet know how to properly analyze, the second option is still more popular. Well, what then to tell? You can tell about hobbies or interests of the family. What all its members like to do in their spare time, what exactly are they interested in. And both together, and separately. If they like to go all over the country on a Sunday, go to the mountains or retire by the river, then we should talk about it! If your mother likes to watch football, your father – to cook, and your brother with pleasure studying cars, this also needs to be shared. Especially if among the hobbies of family members there is something unusual.


An essay on the traditions of the family is also interesting. Because all of them are different. Some people, for example, go shopping on Saturdays. Others once a couple of months go for a few days abroad – to learn new places and study other countries, cities. Some ones every week arrange a dinner party, to which all relatives and friends are invited. The beauty of the traditions is that they are all unique and have their own history. Why did this happen? Because of what there were such habits? It is worth discussing this in detail in his essay.

You should also share your own emotions. What you like and what you are not, for what exactly the child loves his relatives. In general, do not be shy to share your experiences and impressions. By the way, you can still talk about those relatives who do not live with their family in the same house. Grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles and aunts – this is also important! Some children have even more trusting relationships with distant relatives than with close ones. This also needs to be told.

The essay on the relationship in the family, like any other essay or work of such a plan, should be competently structured. It was said about two parts – about the introduction and the main, i.e., content. However, the greatest difficulty for schoolchildren is the conclusion. Not everyone at a young age is able to competently bring the text to a logical conclusion. Therefore, it turns out that the composition seems to break off. Well, everything comes with experience, so sooner or later the pupil will learn to compile.