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Research Paper is a generic term for thesis work, which is necessary to complete a course of study successfully. Therefore, the bachelor’s work or bachelor thesis belongs to the paper in the bachelor’s course of studies, in the master course of studies it is the masterwork or master thesis. With the doctorate, it is the doctoral thesis or dissertation which helps to achieve a doctorate level and with courses of studies in which the state exam can be reached, the state paper is necessary. Higher education institutions are encouraged by the Bologna reform to have at least one exam paper written by each student to review their achievements. Hire professional essay writer.Students get help through the universities themselves in the form of mentoring, as well as through external professional coaching during the paperwork.

How to write an exam?

Depending on the type, subject area and institution, the exam includes 60-100 pages. Very extensive are for example the papers (as well as the previous housework) in medicine and law. The examination work must correspond to all the directives of an academic work and is the basis for the success of the entire study. Highest scientific standards are followed to assess their quality.

Therefore it should be worked out with the utmost care. It is also important to pay attention to sufficient literature. In addition to subject matter, literature research and some organizational aspects, such as the search for a contact person for the supervision of the research paper, numerous formal guidelines have to be considered. Often, the teaching institute publishes examples of the research paper, which can be used as an orientation aid.

Despite numerous requirements of the individual teaching institutes, some formalities for scientific work have proved to be common:

  • Organization of the Research Paper
  • Cover sheet
  • Table of Contents of Research Paper
  • Introduction
  • The main part
  • Conclusion
  • References and Bibliography
  • Appendix
  • Declaration according to the Research Paper regulations

What kind of help is available with the research paper?

Our academic freelancers are experts in the subject and are familiar with specific subject matter and scientific work. You do not have to learn how to use a methodology and can be commissioned at any time.

Often this happens directly at the beginning, during the actual topic finding and the building up of a research paper. Coaching can also assist in the successful completion of a work that has already begun, to drive it to a certain point, or to develop a concept with solution approaches for the fulfillment of the given task. In addition, you can use the proofreading of the research paper, which has already been completed by the student. Afterwards, a comprehensive plagiarism test can be carried out in order to avoid possible risks caused by volatility errors – all the literature used must be characterized.